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Foreclosure prevention/Home ownership

We are a non-profit consumer education and credit counseling organization. We specialize in providing a vision of debt free living through our consumer group discussions and individual credit counseling. JCVision was developed to set clients free from financial bondage, to restore sight to the financially blind and to direct the acceptable way to financial independence.
The best part is.... This is a FREE* service!!!!!!!!
As a faith based organization, JCVision and Associates Inc launched its consumer education and housing counseling programs in Georgia in March 2000. Over the past six years JCVision and Associates Inc has expanded to provide more educational programs that are tailored towards our client's immediate consumer and financial needs.

You can call toll free at 866-883-4243

Contact Information
Phone: 912-877-4243
Fax: 912-877-4274
Address: 135 East Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  Ste. G The Brantley Building
  Hinesville, GA 31313

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